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The Intuition Workshop 2023

Let your inner knowing be reflected back to you.

  • Beginnt am 21. Okt.
  • 130 Schweizer Franken
  • Via Casti

Freie Plätze


Knowledge is not wisdom. Knowledge is a collection of facts, but it is hardly enough to solve life’s biggest challenges or dilemmas. Discernment requires wisdom, and wisdom is the collection of experience, grief, trials and triumphs. It can only be acquired with time and risks. This time and these risks are deep, though. We come into this world already with a world of wisdom, acquired from our ancestors, fellow creatures and past lives. Wisdom that transcends time and space is our intuition. It is always inside of us, stirring in our unconscious and steering us along our soul’s path. Our job is to pay attention to it. This one-of-a-kind workshop (conducted in English) is an opportunity to not only hear, see and feel your intuition but to trust it, as well. In the first half of the workshop we'll get embodied and grounded in a yoga session that draws one's attention to the third eye and the body as the best tool for sensing the instinct and wielding intuition. We'll discuss the gross and subtile senses and how to attune them. We'll then take a break for snacks and refreshments. 🍹 In the second half of the workshop we'll discuss divination 🔮 in general as it is just a tool for perceiving our intuition in a material form. We'll talk about what oracle cards are as a type of divination and you'll get the opportunity to practice other types of divination in order to compare. Finally, we will practice these skills with The Surseasonal Oracle. 🃏 I'll show you how to ask the cards (your intuition) questions, which senses one can use to pull cards, and how to interpret the cards. You'll have the opportunity to practice different methods and find out what suits you best. The Surseasonal Oracle 🃏 There are myriad forms of divination. In this workshop, we'll practice at least two, one of which will be cartomancy (using oracle cards). This deck of oracle cards was designed from original photography and compositions by myself, Jamie Karnik. They are professionally printed and included in the price of the workshop (a value of CHF 48). The deck includes a guidebook. Early Bird CHF 130 (until 15. October 2022) Regular CHF 145 Arrival 🚞 Traveling from/through Chur or Zurich? Bus arrives in Schluein at 15.41 (Workshop begins at 16.00) Bus leaves Schluein at 20.11 (Workshop ends at 19.45) Workshops Cancellations within 48 hours of the start of the workshop will be charged, but one can use that registration to participate in another workshop.

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Bedingungen zu Umbuchung und Kündigung

Yogastunden Um die Teilnahme in einer Abendstunde (nach 17.00 Uhr) abzusagen und nicht vom Abo abgezogen wird, müssen Stornierungen 9 Stunden im Voraus erfolgen. Um die Teilnahme in einer Vormittagsstunde (vormittags) abzusagen und nicht vom Abo abgezogen wird, muss die Abmeldung am Vorabend vor 21.00 Uhr erfolgen. Workshops Abmeldungen innerhalb von 48 Stunden vor Workshop-Beginn werden verrechnet. Man kann diese Zahlung jedoch verwenden, um an einem anderen Workshop teilzunehmen.


  • Löwenberg - surselva impact lab, Via Casti, Schluein, Switzerland


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