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The Intuition Workshop 2024

Re-embody your inherent wisdom

  • Beginnt am: 27. Juli
  • 150 Schweizer Franken
  • Via Casti

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While knowledge is accumulated over a lifetime, wisdom is inherent, integral and wild—like any of the five senses. It is pulsing throughout our bodies—ancient and inherited. It is both the ocean within us and the world around us. It is sourced deep within and answered by the farthest star. It is your body and your imagination. It is the darkest cave and the clearest night sky. In this workshop you will awaken your senses and re-embody your intuition. You will access your third eye and see clearly again, like you did as a child. You will learn how to relinquish doubt and trust yourself. Answers to your questions will be found within—clear and certain. After an embodying yoga session, we will discuss the breadth of intuition and how it can literally and spiritually save your life. We will explore the use of divinatory tools, such as candle gazing, scrying, and oracle cards. You will receive a deck of oracle cards designed my Jamie, which will help you explore your own unique, intuitive skills—that which you were already born with. The whimsical cards with animals guides and cozy forest places will help you reconnect with your childhood self or inner child—your beautiful, wild self. We will also take a snack break in the middle of the workshop to nourish and refresh ourselves. For all of Jamie's workshops, the food and drinks offered during the breaks are vegan and correspond to the theme of the workshop. The workshop mainly takes place in the yoga/ballet studio in the old castle Löwenberg, but if the weather is dry we can also explore the gorgeous surroundings and the magical grounds of Mulin Sura (a seven-minute walk through the forest from Löwenberg). Come join us in the woods of Schluein beside the flowing creek, where peacocks play and fairies dance! Here you’ll escape the mundanity of everyday life and reconnect with the beautiful mystery of your wildest, wisest dreams. The Intuition Workshop 27. July 2024 • 11.00 - 14.30 Sura Studio Löwenberg, Schluein Early Bird CHF 150 (until 19. July at 22.00) Regular CHF 180 includes an Apéro, The Surseasonal Oracle (80 card deck), a book of oracle card spreads to practice with at home The workshop is held in English. Places are limited. Cancellations within 24 hours will be charged. Jamie is a yoga and ballet teacher and choreographer. She practices yoga with the intention of realigning the spiritual and physical selves, to hold the body and soul with self-compassion.

Bevorstehende Sessions

Umbuchung & Kündigung

Yogastunden Um die Teilnahme in einer Abendstunde (nach 17.00 Uhr) abzusagen und nicht vom Abo abgezogen wird, müssen Stornierungen 9 Stunden im Voraus erfolgen. Um die Teilnahme in einer Vormittagsstunde (vormittags) abzusagen und nicht vom Abo abgezogen wird, muss die Abmeldung am Vorabend vor 21.00 Uhr erfolgen. Workshops Abmeldungen innerhalb von 24 Stunden vor Workshop-Beginn werden verrechnet. Man kann diese Zahlung jedoch verwenden, um an einem anderen Workshop teilzunehmen.


  • Löwenberg - surselva impact lab, Via Casti, Schluein, Switzerland


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